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NOVEMBER 17 - 19, 2020
#hygienix20 @HygienixNow
The Future of AbHy
Wednesday, November 18
9:00 am - 11:15 am

Hygienix 2035, Product of the Year (A Thought Experiment)

We have terabytes of market and consumer data. We have trend lines going up, going down, and some that just seem to wander around a bit. We have environmental, social, financial and competitive drivers all competing for top priority. The question everyone in the Nonwoven’s industry is now left with is, “So what does all of this really mean?”

This presentation is directed to starting from a high-level analysis of a select group of trends and then extrapolating what the absorbent hygiene product (AHP) business might look like in 2035. The focus will include:

Demographics (current plus forecasted) Trends:

•     Aging and the impact of the inflection point (elderly population > baby population) by market segment (Mature, Growth, Emerging)

•     Market penetration by Hygiene segment and the impact of increasing discretionary income

Environmental (current plus forecasted) Trends:

•     UN SDG’s

•     Resin Technology

•     Legislation

Product Design Trends

•     “One Resin” structure – design for sustainability or “circular economy design”

•     Pant vs. Tab Diapers – moving toward a more garment-like design for comfort, discreteness, appearance

•     Combination of reusable and disposable components

•     High function laminates/composites

•     Incontinence and Fem Care – fit and function

What an AHP product might look like in 2035

•     Structure

•     Function

•     Targeted for disposal/recycle/recover

The Evolution Conundrum

•     Who will the consumer product manufacturer be?

•     The history of what worked, and what didn’t

What to do now to create a solution for then…

•     Responsible Transition

•     The drive for multiple party collaborations (resin producers, equipment vendors, nonwoven fabric producers, brand owners and regional/country level legislators)


» Nick Carter

Vice-President of Marketing and Business Intelligence, Avgol Nonwovens


•     Over 21 years in the Nonwoven Industry

•     Served in key roles including Global Director of Intellectual Property, New Product Development Task Force Teams and Director of Market Business Intelligence

•     Been with Avgol Nonwovens for approximately 9 years, first as an outside IP consultant and now as lead in the Business Intelligence and Marketing functions

•     Inventor on over 85 patented concepts and author of a number of Thought Leadership articles directed to the Nonwoven’s Industry