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NOVEMBER 17 - 19, 2020
#hygienix20 @HygienixNow
Innovative Developments & Intellectual Property
Wednesday, November 18
2:00 pm - 4:05 pm

Innovative Stretch Engine Improves Heat Transfer & Dissipation

Manufacturers of adult incontinence products differentiate through fit and feel. Fit describes how the underwear conforms to the body, while feel represents the comfort of the material against the skin. Recognizing the increase in active lifestyles and demand for higher performance adult incontinence underwear, SWM has engineered a new stretch engine support layer with customizable thicknesses. Users will experience increased breathability and flexibility, leading to improved heat transfer and dissipation. The breathability performance improvements will protect sensitive skin from irritation and rashes that are often caused by entrapment of air, heat and moisture. Additionally, the two-way stretch design dramatically enhances the flexibility properties of the garment, which have historically utilized stiffer film and thread technologies. Now, adult incontinence underwear manufacturers can integrate advanced materials into their products that will improve overall customer comfort, addressing the growing demands of the active senior population.


ยป Michael Sandlin

Product Manager, SWM International


Michael Sandlin is a Product Manager for netting and nonwovens products in the Advanced Materials & Structures division of SWM International.