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NOVEMBER 18-21, 2024
Nashville, Tennessee, LA
The Renaissance Nashville Hotel

Period Products—The New, the Old, and the Old-New

Wednesday, October 25th, 11 am EDT

Heidi Beatty, CEO, Crown Abbey, LLC

This webinar will be a deep dive into Period Products, looking at the technologies as well as the change in attitudes that have driven the industry, to enable us develop better products for the future.

Looking at this fascinating category from the eyes of Product Development, what can the past teach us about the future? Traditionally, it was challenging to innovate in a ‘silent’ category, when no one wanted to talk about period products.

For the future, how can the latest fibers, formats and consumer trends all fit together to build a Product Roadmap for your brand?

Which products being used today are an echo from previous generations? …what we refer to as the “Old-New.”

Have we done enough to break down the taboos around Periods, and what more can we do?

  • Innovating in this changing category
  • Are companies doing enough to break the Historical Taboos around Periods?
  • Using past information to drive new Period Product launches for the future

Industry Expert: Heidi Beatty

Heidi Beatty has a successful track record as an Innovator and project manager. Over her 20+ year career, Heidi has launched products for some of the world’s leading brands as well as for some of the most entrepreneurial start-ups. As CEO of Crown Abbey, Heidi and her team helps a global client base across consumer, health care and nutritional categories to identify and commercialize new technologies.

After gaining a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University of York, UK, Heidi worked with Johnson & Johnson for over 10 years. From there, she worked at NicePak-PDI, launching many different wet wipes, into the USA market.

Heidi has worked in the USA, Germany and currently lives in the UK. She has a deep commitment to the Environment and to supporting the voice of Women, both in the work place, as well as well the products she helps develop for them.

Heidi Beatty

QAP – Why Conduct Multiple Audits When One Will Do?

Tuesday, October 31st, 11 am EDT

Ralf Veltman, Sales Manager Assurance, BSI; Marines Lagemaat, Scientific and Technical Affairs Director, EDANA; and Matt O’Sickey, Director of Education & Technical Affairs, INDA

Introducing the nonwovens quality and audit program for the hygiene industry.

Suppliers in the Hygiene Products industry – covering absorbent hygiene products as well as wet wipes – deploy quality management systems to demonstrate they meet high quality and hygiene standards. There are multiple, converter-defined standards in place that have a significant overlap and are often based on common underlying elements such as ISO and other accepted quality and hygiene principles. This increases the complexity in the day-to-day operation at supplier sites as multiple audits may be conducted by different parties at the same supplier location, addressing a rather similar set of requirements.

This situation leaves room for improvement by introducing a harmonized standard benchmark with QA and hygiene requirements that are focused on the hygiene industry and offering an objective third party audit program. These insights led to the development of the voluntary and harmonized Quality and Audit Program (QAP) initiative. This webinar will introduce the program, its objectives and benefits, and how it operates. Register today for this complimentary webinar.

Industry Experts:

Ralf Veltman is the Sales Manager Assurance and provides organizations with strategic advice on key topics such as sustainability, digital trust, quality, and health, safety & wellbeing. He has been highly involved in the QAP project team as commercial lead at BSI.

About BSI

As a leading standards, certification, and testing organization, BSI is committed to enhancing business practices by ensuring quality, safety, and sustainability across various industries. In partnership with EDANA, BSI has introduced the Quality & Audit Programme (QAP), a trusted standard, audit programme, and training course designed specifically for the nonwoven hygiene products industry.

Marines Lagemaat is the Scientific and Technical Affairs Director at EDANA. Due to the nature of QAP and his experience in the FMCG and hygiene industry, he has managed the Working Group that developed QAP since 2019.


EDANA is the leading association and voice of the nonwovens and related industries. Since 1971, the association has provided for its 310+ members, a comprehensive range of services with the information and data necessary to enhance the industry’s goals and performance.

Matthew (Matt) O’Sickey, Ph.D., Director of Education & Technical Affairs, INDA. Matt joined INDA in September 2022. He has prior experience as the Director of Application Engineering and Research & Development for the Americas at RKW North America and as Director of Global Market Development with Tredegar Corporation. He holds a deeply rooted belief that innovation is the result of the intersection of marketing and technology, and this is reflected in his career path, which encompasses both disciplines. His career has entailed developing and bringing to market a range of hygiene and packaging films and nonwoven laminates. Within the hygiene area, he has worked on the development and commercialization of topsheets, surge layers, waistbands, fit and closure elements, breathable films and laminates, backsheets, pouch films, and bags with more recent focus on sustainable solutions.

Matt has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and a Masters of Engineering Administration from Virginia Tech, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University with a heavy emphasis on the processing-structure-property relationships of polymeric materials.

About INDA

INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, serves hundreds of member companies in the nonwovens/engineered fabrics industry to achieve business growth. Since 1968, INDA helps members convene and connect, innovate and develop their businesses. INDA’s educational courses, business intelligence and market insights, test methods, consultancy and issue advocacy help members succeed by providing information they need to better plan and execute their business strategies. INDA Media is the business-to-business publishing arm of INDA and publisher of International Fiber Journal and International Filtration News, which reach a vast network of professionals who employ fibers, filaments, and filtration systems to optimize their application environments.

Ralf Veltman


Matt OSickey

Global Trends in Diapers, Baby Pants & Adult Underwear

Wednesday, November 8th, 11 am ET

Natalia Richer, COO, and Irene Richer, Market Analyst & Partner, Diaper Testing International SA de CV

The Diaper Testing International team will be dissecting all diaper components from major leading U.S. brands and share insights focusing on nonwoven GSM and trends, materials that contribute towards key performance metrics and overall aesthetics. In this one-hour webinar that team will share learnings between premium and value brands in the U.S., correlate to their experience with other markets and include an analysis on overnight products.

This in-depth webinar is designed for product developers, scientists, engineers, C-suite leaders, and market analysts. The registration fee is $250 for members and non-members.

Industry Experts: Natalia Richer and Irene Richer

Natalia Richer is a Global AHP Consultant and COO of Diaper Testing International. She provides technical and consulting support to converters and private label owners across the world. DTI receives requests for disposable baby diaper, adult incontinence, and period product benchmark testing and design assistance from more than 30 countries across 5 continents. Additionally, to leading the laboratory services and market research, she manages the monthly consulting retainers with various clients in the United States focusing on new product opportunities, market trends, competitor assessments and brand strategy. She holds a BA in Business Management from Corvinus University of Budapest.

Irene Richer is a Marketing Analyst and Partner at Diaper Testing International, a consulting firm for the absorbent hygiene industry with clients from all across the world. Holding a BA degree from The San Francisco Art Institute, Irene merges her knowledge in marketing, design, and social media analysis with that of the absorbent hygiene industry. Helping her team and clients by incorporating her background to better understand marketing trends and consumer habits.

Richer Natalia

Richer Irene