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NOVEMBER 15 - 18, 2021
The Westin Kierland
Scottsdale, AZ
New Options for a Responsible End-of-Life
Tuesday, November 16
8:35 am - 10:25 am

Opportunities and Challenges of a Trend towards Natural Fibers in AHP

Natural fibers – even raw fibers – have been used as an absorbent and hygiene material for millennia by humans, and continues to be the “non-industrial” solution. The use of pulp and processed cellulosic staple fibers had never really stopped and continues with innovations. The return of cotton, other plant fibers and wool is a growing trend meeting user and governmental expectations for a more “natural” and environmentally benign product. This talk will share examples, trends and fascinating ideas – and the challenges this trend is revealing. Annual supply, capacity, quality in biological and mechanical form, difficulties of processing, and questions of performance in lab and use are among those challenges. But a vibrant, growing community of entrepreneurs, finance and technology experts is pursuing solutions. This talk is the work of several groups and companies over the last few months and is ongoing. 

E-Hygiene Advancements
Wednesday, November 17
11:00 am - 11:50 am

Smart Sensors: Absorbent Hygiene Products on “Fire” and “Siri”

Fortunately, modern absorbent hygiene products (AHP) are getting more environmentally sustainable, and, they are also becoming electronic information systems. Is this a paradox and incompatible? What has happened with “Smart AHP Solutions” in 2020 and 2021? How are products faring in the market? What are new inventions? When and how can we track the well-being of babies and incontinent family members with our Android, iPhone or Kindle? Please join this presentation and following discussions.


» Olaf Isele, Ph.D.

Nonwovens Consultant, Metaxi SimBioSys LLC


Seasoned and innovative nonwovens expert, Olaf worked in Procter & Gamble R&D on Baby- and Fem-Care material development as well as on substrate development in other business units and with corporate R&D. Retired after 24 years at P&G as Research Fellow in early 2018. Practiced and developed effective approach to Open Innovation through the supply stream working on novel fiber/nonwoven technologies across multiple platforms. Expertise and special interest in functional nonwovens, sustainability, softness and mathematical, first principles modeling. Presently independent consultant as well as working as specialist on projects for YourEncore client companies.

Lives in Cincinnati OH with his wife Wanda and his two sons, Erik and Karl.