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NOVEMBER 15 - 18, 2021
The Westin Kierland
Scottsdale, AZ
AHP Market Stats, Trends & Policy Insights
Wednesday, November 17
8:30 am - 10:20 am

Direct-to-Consumer Winners, Losers & Insights

The tide of direct-to-consumer brands capturing consumer value in new and creative ways has expanded to reach all three product categories of the absorbent hygiene products industry. Major brands and manufacturers have responded with new consumer offerings that correspond with the winning strategies of these smaller brands. Surveying the direct-to-consumer landscape, we analyze past winners and losers and future keys to success at the levels of product design, supply chain management, marketing and distribution.


» Colin Hanna

Director Of Research, Price Hanna Consultants LLC


Colin Alexander Hanna is Director of Research for Price Hanna Consultants. Mr. Hanna brings research and analytical techniques developed from his MBA (University of Washington) and MSS (Master in Social Services – Bryn Mawr College) degrees combined with strategic insight and perspective gained from professional experience spanning multiple industries. Prior to joining Price Hanna Consultants in 2017, Mr. Hanna worked as an individual consultant for clients in the energy, global health, social services and consumer goods industries. Mr. Hanna also has prior experience working as a liaison between retailers and commercial real estate developers; first as a project manager for a major commercial real estate developer, then as a process improvement expert for one of the nation’s largest recreational equipment retailers.