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NOVEMBER 16 - 19, 2020
The Roosevelt New Orleans
New Orleans, LA, USA
NOVEMBER 16 - 19, 2020
Hyatt Regency Houston
Houston, Texas, USA
NOVEMBER 16 - 19, 2020
Hyatt Regency Houston
Houston, Texas, USA
Wednesday, November 13
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Sensor Innovations in AHPs

Digital Transformation of Incontinence Management

 - Market drivers

- Role of technology

- MediSens technology and successes

- Wrap it up with a vision of the digital transformation of incontinence management


ยป Behrooz Yadegar

Chief Executive Officer, MediSens Wireless


As an entrepreneur, Mr. Yadegar collaborated with UCLA Wireless Health Institute by evaluating technology initiatives to improve dignity and quality of life. In 2010, he was named founding member and CEO of MediSens Wireless.

Since 2010, Mr. Yadegar has secured substantial funds through non-institutional and strategic investors. As a key strategic initiative, he has formulated and implemented strong partnerships to enable longevity and growth of the company and its products around the world.

Mr. Yadegar has over 17 years of executive management experience and has worked for leading edge companies in Silicon Valley including, Intel corporation, Silicon Graphics, Mips Technologies, MediaQ, Genesis Microchip and Cypress Semiconductors.

Mr. Yadegar has been member of the boards of several startup companies in the past and holds an MSEE degree.