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NOVEMBER 16 - 19, 2020
The Roosevelt New Orleans
New Orleans, LA, USA
NOVEMBER 16 - 19, 2020
Hyatt Regency Houston
Houston, Texas, USA
NOVEMBER 16 - 19, 2020
Hyatt Regency Houston
Houston, Texas, USA
Tuesday, November 12
5:00 pm - 5:30 pm

HYGIENIX Innovation Award™ Presentations

Fitesa SMS Bico

Fitesa SMS Bico is a cutting edge PE/PP spunbond and PE meltblown nonwoven. It provides the strength of a polypropylene and softness of a polyethylene in an SMS configuration. Fitesa has unlocked the potential for combining bico spunbond for softness with meltblown nonwoven for drapeability and liquid barrier properties to offer this cutting edge solution to the hygiene market.


» Jessica Dahle

Product Development Scientist, Fitesa


Jessica Dahle is a Product Development Scientist at Fitesa and is proud to present Fitesa SMS Bico nonwoven at INDA’s Hygienix 2019 conference.

Jessica holds a BS in Chemistry and an MS in Environmental Toxicology from Clemson University, where she completed polymer/fiber-focused coursework with a research focus on wet spinning of bicomponent biodegradable fibers.

Jessica began her career with Fitesa at Fitesa Germany, where she worked with the Process & Product Development team for two years before returning to the United States to start up & lead developmental efforts on Fitesa’s state-of-the-art spunbond pilot line in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Jessica provides global support to Fitesa’s 11 spunbond facilities and is responsible for carrying projects all the way from prototyping to commercialization.

Outside of work, Jessica is an avid trail runner, cyclist, swimmer, rower, and obstacle course racer. Each of these cherished hobbies employs and tests the limits of high-performance fabrics. Jessica is inspired daily by the continuous advancement of activewear technology by athletic industry leaders such as Brooks, Under Armour, and Nike, and strives to harness that inspiration to improve wearable fabrics for babies who cannot speak up and voice their own preferences on comfort and fit.

Fueled by her deep personal connection to the importance of the relationship between comfort and functionality, Jessica’s goal at Fitesa is to add fabrics to the nonwoven marketplace which drastically improve the wearer’s experience in a meaningful way.

Jessica is proud to present Fitesa SMS Bico at Hygienix 2019; this development is one of many examples in Fitesa’s portfolio that demonstrate our passion for and commitment to developing cutting-edge fabrics.