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NOVEMBER 15 - 18, 2021
The Westin Kierland
Scottsdale, AZ
Product & Process Innovation in AHPs
Tuesday, November 16
2:00 pm - 3:55 pm

Replacing Plastic with All Natural, Performance Enhanced Hemp and Flax Fibres

Bast Fibre Technologies Inc. (BFT) is a triple-bottom-line, cleantech fibre engineering firm manufacturing specialty natural fibres for applications throughout the nonwovens industry. Using advanced fibre processing technology, fibres from hemp and flax plants are transformed to meet nonwoven customers exacting standards.

BFT’s proprietary processing technology carefully individualizes, softens, cleans, and brightens bast fibres to meet stringent nonwoven technical standards. Critically, the intrinsic structure and function of the fibre is retained as it existed in the plant, allowing the performance advantages to be passed to the nonwoven fabric. BFT’s farm-to-fibre quality management system ensures performance and consistency by monitoring more than 100 critical process parameters throughout the supply chain and manufacturing process. Additionally, BFT’s technology enables the natural enhancement and customization of bast fibres for specific nonwoven end uses and customer requirements.

BFT believes in the need for true sustainability that goes beyond climate neutrality to repair our planet. BFT creates truly natural fibres for nonwoven applications from annual, renewable bast crops that are biodegradable, compostable, and completely plastic free. By disrupting the traditional take-make-waste linear economy, BFT will allow global nonwoven companies to accelerate sustainability goals and work towards a circular, zero-waste future.


» Jason Finnis

Chief Technology Officer, BAST Fibre Technologies, Inc.


Jason Finnis is a 30-year veteran of the hemp and natural fibre industries with hands-on experience in all aspects of the value chain. He has a strong background in fibre innovation and is adept at developing intellectual property that leverages the inherent qualities of bast fibres and brings performance and sustainability to the nonwoven and textile industries. Current Board member of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance.