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NOVEMBER 13-16, 2023
New Orleans, LA
The Roosevelt New Orleans Hotel
Next-Gen Menstrual Products & Their Users
Tuesday, November 15
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Breaking the Tampon Monopoly

Over the last 80 years we have seen a consolidated tampon space take shape in every aspect of the production process. From product development, to material suppliers, to manufacturing and retail marketing, a few large companies call the shots. Hear the story of one little company out of California breaking into the tampon space to bring to market the most substantial innovation to the tampon pledget since its inception. Greta Meyer, the cofounder and CEO of Sequel, will discuss the thinking that has shaped her approach to product design, the problems encountered when trying to improve the tampon, and her plans for the future. 


» Greta Meyer

Co-Founder/CEO, Sequel


Greta Meyer is the CEO and co-founder of Sequel, a women’s health company focused on product innovation addressing unmet needs of women. The company’s first product, a redesign of the tampon, is designed to be more fluid mechanically efficient, more comfortable, and safer.

With a background in product development and product management, Greta is passionate about finding simple solutions to complex issues that lie at the intersection of engineering and design. She has worked in furniture engineering, AI-enabled consumer electronic devices and hardware design.

Greta studied Engineering Product Design at Stanford University, where she was awarded the highest honor in the department alongside Sequel co-founder Amanda Calabrese for their work developing a redesigned tampon. She was also a D1 lacrosse player at Stanford.