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NOVEMBER 13-16, 2023
New Orleans, LA
The Roosevelt New Orleans Hotel
Redefining Absorbent Hygiene: Navigating Consumer Voice, Sustainable Innovations, and the Circular Economy
Tuesday, November 14
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Sustainability and Circularity in Absorbent Hygiene Products Industry

•     Sustainability and circularity in absorbent hygiene products industry

•     Understanding complexities of developing sustainable absorbent hygiene products that focus on the entire product life cycle, right from selecting its raw materials to its disposal

•     Linear economy Vs. Circular economy Vs. Recycling Economy

•     Should we work towards exploring innovative technologies to mechanically or chemically recycle conventional AHP products or should we transition towards biodegradable and compostable solutions OR both?

•     Exploring different sustainable raw materials for absorbent hygiene products industry to transition from fossil-based economy to biobased economy.

•     Exploring different end-of-life technologies: Mechanical recycling vs chemical recycling of used absorbent hygiene products

•     Possible solutions for making AHP industry more sustainable and future outlook


» Chirag Virani

CEO, Sparkle Innovations Inc.


As a co-founder and CEO of Sparkle, Chirag guides the company in the areas of R&D, product design, manufacturing and business development. Chirag has completed his mechanical engineering from McMaster University in Canada, Master in Business Administration from Ryerson University in Canada, and grad program from University of California-Berkeley in the United States.

When Chirag is not in his lab or on the production floor, he loves to travel, experience different cultures and visit unseen places. With a goal of visiting all 195 countires, he has managed to visit 40 so far. Chirag is also a co-founder of United World Foundation, an NGO that focuses on building poverty-free, healthy, gender-balanced, equitable, eco-conscious and inclusive humanity.