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NOVEMBER 18-21, 2024
Nashville, Tennessee, LA
The Renaissance Nashville Hotel
There Be Dragons: Tales of Innovation
Thursday, November 16
9:00 am - 11:30 am

Safe and Eco-friendly Elastics for Absorbent Hygiene Products

As a leading and innovation-driven specialty chemicals company with Japanese roots, Kuraray is settings trends in consumer markets.

Kuraray’s versatile and unique TPE series is part of the group’s efforts to provide more sustainable and skin-loving diapers to manufacturers. The TPE technology being discussed is considered to be a key differentiating factor of elastic components in diapers to combine strong holding power with less waste and with unique technology to protect baby's skin.

The objective of this presentation is to present solutions to diaper OEMs, converters, and film manufacturers by aligning current performance trends with future sustainability and economic needs.

Dr. Gruendken will introduce its latest solutions, which have emerged from its open innovation approach involving collaboration with stakeholders across the entire value chain. These solutions are designed to attain the perfect balance between price and performance considering future success factors within the diaper industry.

Gruendken, Ph.D

» Marcel Gruendken, Ph.D

Senior Manager EMEA, MD&TS, R&D and Regulatory Affairs, Kuraray Europe GmbH


Marcel Gruendken is Senior Manager at Kuraray’s Elastomer Business. He leads the Global market development for hygiene and personal care applications. Previously, Marcel worked at Mondi, for packaging and hygiene products - in Europe and partially in the United States. He is a PhD with a background in engineering and material sciences. He’s studied in Darmstadt (Germany) and Enschede (Netherlands). He joined some global management programs, including one in St. Gallen (Switzerland) - and he obtained a driving license in Frankfurt (Germany). On flights he prefers the windows seat, enjoys soft drinks with ice and plays basketball whenever he has time.