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NOVEMBER 18-21, 2024
Nashville, Tennessee, LA
The Renaissance Nashville Hotel
There Be Dragons: Tales of Innovation
Thursday, November 16
9:00 am - 11:30 am

Creating Sustainable Nonwovens for Hygiene Applications with Thermally Processable Polyvinyl Alcohol; A Water Soluble, Environmentally Friendly and High-performance Polymer

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) is known for its high performance and environmental properties, but historically this polymer has been very difficult to process in its standard form. However, Aquapak technology now allows for the production of staple fibres and spunmelt nonwovens via melt extrusion, using existing machinery. This is achieved without polymer modification, which maintains full product functionality and end of life biodegradation.

Aquapak PVOH offers high mechanical strength, liquid management, hydrophilicity, tailored solubility, antistatic properties, and biocompatibility. PVOH fibres and nonwovens also enable reuse/ recycling, anaerobic digestion and marine biodegradation.

PVOH nonwovens can be manufactured in one process step, creating a wide range of opportunities for disposable hygiene and personal care applications. The functionality of PVOH means that traditional plastics can be replaced with a polymer that is designed for the circular economy, offering tangible sustainability and unique consumer experiences. 


» Carl Sittard

Sales Director - North America, Aquapak Polymers


Carl is Sales Director/North America of Sittard & Associates, a private technical sales & marketing consulting company he founded in March 2020, focusing on sustainable polymers to support a circular, environmentally friendly economy. Sittard & Associates has been representing Aquapak Polymers LTD in the Americas since that time. Prior to this, Sittard served as Global VP/General Manager at SWM Intl. in their specialty thermoplastic materials business and their predecessor company, Argotec LLC. Other companies he has been employed by include Galileo Electro-Optics Corporation, FLEXcon Company and Sumitomo Electric Industries. Carl has over 25 years in the polymer and converting industry in various stages of the value chain with roles in senior executive leadership to field sales, technical support & application development.

Education: 1987 B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology (Southeastern Massachusetts University – North Dartmouth, MA); 1997 MBA (Western New England College – Springfield, MA)