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NOVEMBER 15 - 18, 2021
The Westin Kierland
Scottsdale, AZ
HYGIENIX WORKSHOP: Global Trends in Diapers, Baby Pants & Adult Underwear
Monday, November 15
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Global Trends in Diapers, Baby Pants & Adult Underwear

Gain a keen understanding of the latest global trends, regional product launches and differentiations in diapers, baby pants and adult underwear with Carlos Richer, Principal at Richer Investment and Natalia & Irene Richer from Diaper Testing International. Take a quick refresh on diaper basics and product differences across the globe. Complement product analysis with consumer feedback of various popular brands in the US to understand consumer reception of different diaper features and design parameters. Understand what the main concerns of consumers are and how prevalent each concern is across brands. 


ยป Carlos Richer

CEO/Director, Richer Investment S.A. De C.V.


Richer is an expert in the field of disposable absorbent products, with 36 years of experience covering all manufacturing operations. He currently provides technical support to clients in 28 countries in four continents, both diaper manufacturers, and large traders. He has worked as a consultant with many raw material suppliers and original equipment manufacturers, for SAP, nonwovens, hot melt and absorbent fibers. He has also been invited as guest speaker in many diaper industry seminars and technical forums all over the world. Richer frequently writes articles in the most important diaper industry publication and is the owner of the Disposable Diaper Network group at LinkedIn. Richer has been an invited guest member of the board of directors of several companies.