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WHAT’S TOP OF MIND IN TODAY’S HYGIENE INDUSTRY? Find out at Hygienix™ 2019. Just look at the agenda: we’ll have world-class innovators unpacking the latest breakthroughs and challenges in sustainability. You’ll learn about evolving demographics, new technologies, and megatrends that are completely reshaping the world of personal hygiene. Meet peers and share ideas. Check out displays on opportunities that are hyper-focused on absorbent hygiene and personal care. Find out what’s going on across the world. Be part of the change that’s driving our industry worldwide – be part of Hygienix™ 2019!

Save the Planet - Environmental Sustainability
It's about the world's future, and our industry's future.

Learn more about:

  • Microfibers in aquatic environments
  • The growing movements of single-use hygiene products
  • The industry's new position statement about plastics
  • Landfills and absorbent hygiene products

New Markets. New Trends.

Hear Svetlana Uduslivaia of Euromonitor speak on global retail's natural and sustainable efforts in disposable hygiene. Register today to attend